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Venmo is a popular mobile app for making digital purchases and payments between multiple parties. Its users enjoy the ability to make secure transactions quickly. Since many Venmo customers are socially conscious, Venmo was looking for a way to enable them to support causes they care about as part of their natural app usage.

Smart Phone Screen showing Venmo charitable donatio screen, Venmo logo off to the right.
What I Did

My personal contributions to this project started with interviewing existing Venmo users to understand current behaviors and experiences. This helped me conceptualize and draft a detailed app map, and envision points in the existing user flows where adding donations made the most sense. I created modified user flows, which were later used when adding the donation feature in three key places within the app.

My proudest contribution was the "Donate $1" idea, which instantly solved multiple logistical challenges.


Venmo needed a way of adding in-app charitable contributions in a manner consistent with the overall Venmo user experience.


We proposed a solution which successfully introduced the desired new feature, giving Venmo users the option to make charitable contributions seamlessly as part of their normal, familiar Venmo experience.

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